Where are we?

Where are we now  and where have we been???

Looks can be deceiving. We are not in El Salvador, like the map above would indicate. As of right this moment, December 8, 2020 we are still in Guatemala waiting for our vehicle’s front differential to be repaired. So, I’m taking some time and catching up on our much neglected blog and its pages. Please bear with me as I navigate this, I’m not a professional blogger and I still don’t know how all of these pages work with updates and loading pictures and things like that. Also, internet can be pretty intermittent depending on the size of the files I’m uploading, and it can take anywhere from seconds to weeks for my pictures to load to lightroom where we store them and then download the ones I’m going to use.

We spent a total of 7 months in Mexico. 6 months on our first overland trip with the ambulance, then back to the US for a few months to sell that and downsize to a Toyota Landcruiser which is our vehicle of recommendation for anyone considering a trip like this. We took another three weeks getting through Mexico on our way down to Belize, checking out some places we didn’t want to access with such a large box vehicle. The roads we planned to take were narrow, windy and the towns we wanted to go to there wouldn’t be any parking for such a large vehicle. Now we park anywhere, fit practically anywhere and we don’t stand out…. as much. Oh, and nobody is waving us down asking for help thinking we’re an actual ambulance. You can see on the maps above, the routes we’ve taken throughout Mexico. Such an amazing country. When I figure out how to do a drop down submenu, I’ll reconfigure the blog posts.

From Mexico to Belize, all these little yellow dots are places we actually stopped and stayed. The turquoise is where we drove throughout Belize and heading into Guatemala. We only spent 30 days in Belize, but our favorite place was in the San Ignacio area. Not necessarily the town, but its surrounding areas. It’s filled with things to see and do from chocolate farms to the ATM cave. Amazing experiences to behold.

Right now, December 8,2020 we are in Antigua Guatemala. We have been here since March, with a break to spend a month at the beach in El Paredón and 2 months with friends in Chimaltenango. We spent about two months exploring the northern territories of Huehuetenango and Petén, and month in Lake Atitlan, prior to Covid. For the most part we’ve been literally locked down in Antigua from March to September before the lock-down really got to us and we decided to rent a beach house for a month while the country contemplated reopening. Which just happened on October 1. For 7 of 12 months we’ve been under some sort of curfew, quarantine or lock-down with masks mandatory since March.