When we first started this trip, if you’ve followed our trip, you know we started in an old converted Ambulance. Well, it broke down a bit and left us stranded a couple of times despite our best efforts to maintain it and it was just way to big. Width and height were serious problems and we had a couple of incidences where we were pretty lucky to come out only slightly frazzled. From taking out the ladder on the top because of a low lying bridge, losing the rear airbags on a Mexican Tope (speed bump/launch ramp) and nearly taking out low lying rooftops on narrow streets, we’d had enough of the stress of traveling in the Ambulance. It took us 6 months to travel from the California/Baja border to the southern tip of Mexico/Belize border. We decided that before we headed any further south, we’d go back to the United States, sell the ambulance and buy a Toyota Landcruiser. It took us 6 days to get from the Belize border all the way to El Paso, Texas. Yep, 6 months down and 6 days up. That really, really sucked. It was hot with tons of elevation changes; dry arid desert, humid- nearly sopping wet coastline.

We had been looking for a couple of months when we found the PERFECT vehicle for what we plan to do. Meet…. Well, we haven’t quite found a name for him yet. We were going to name him Bruiser the Cruiser, but that name is already taken on IG.

Now to the nitty gritty. I know y’all are DYING to know what we’ve got, so here it is:

2003 Land Cruiser 100 (4.7 L V8, USA Specs)

Old Man Emu lift kit with heavy front springs and extra heavy rear springs

ARB Deluxe front Bumper

Come Up 9,500lb Winch

Hi-Lift Jack


Tow Straps

Camping toilet

Slee rear bumper with swingouts

Slee Rock Sliders

Safari Snorkel

iKamper Roof Top Tent w/Annex

Dobinsons Drawers

Goal Zero 1400 w/100w solar briefcase

Dometic 65L electric cooler

WeBoost cell phone booster

Garmin InReach GPS

HikeCrew portable hot water heater/shower

Shower Tent

Cook Partner 2 burner propane stove

5 Lb propane tank

Frontrunner drop down tail gate table (fitted with a plastic cutting board because it’s mounted on the outside of the vehicle)

X-Bull traction pads

Titan Tank 11 Gallon external fuel tank (had to have the mounts machined to fit our vehicle because it’s made for Jeep)

Lifesaver 5 Gallon water tank

2 Australian brand water tanks I don’t recommend because the spigots suck.

Mr. Buddy propane heater (Not pictured, haven’t needed to use it yet, 2 years and counting…)

Milwaukee magnetic LED lights x3 (used for literally lighting up anything and everything- all the time) Well, we started with three, now we can only find 2…

That’s all the “big stuff” if you’re interested in finding out what we carry for our daily gear, you can find that in our “Gear” Post, which will hopefully be up sometime before the year’s end, but not likely considering this is December and we’re like, 11 months behind on posting anything. Stay tuned. We promise, more is coming.