You can find us on Instagram @8yearsglobal or you can contact us by e-mail at 8yearsglobal@gmail.com. We will be posting more pictures and videos once we get more of the logistics out of the way, so stay tuned for some interesting stories, arguments and mishaps that are bound to happen over the next 8 years while we downsize to a tiny house on wheels smaller than the smallest Hungarian hostel room you could possibly imagine, while homeschooling and world schooling our son. We hope you guys will follow us and get lots of laughs at our expense.

Vanesvanessa.jpgsa: Retired, awesome, takes-no-shit and has little patience. Main blogger. Perpetual student of the world. She’s the reason we started this journey. She doesn’t care if she’s indoors or out, and likes to have things organized, almost a little (or a lot) OCD. She can’t sit still and is quite spontaneous. Planning? Who needs a plan? Let’s just wing it.


Bronson: Retired, awesome, tinkerer and has an incessant need for knowledge of literally, EVERYTHING. Took some convincing that this trip could be done. Super sweet guy and likes to get to know EVERYBODY. Always on his phone making sure he stays in contact with EVERYBODY. Needs to be busy every second of every day and always wants to be outside.

IMG_20191230_125409_485Kaden: Student, awesome, albeit a little lazy. Mostly when it comes to homework. Thinks he’s a connoisseur of video games which is odd, since he hardly ever gets to play them. Loves to do anything outdoors, but will complain every step of the way on the way to the door.


Roxy: The family dog. What can we say, she’s been with us for 12 years now, there’s no way we were going to leave her with someone else during these golden years. She loves to rest her head on the windowsill of the car, forget actually putting her head out of the window, because that takes effort. She’s a grumpy old hag, and growls at everyone, but that’s because she’s protective of her family. She’ll climb every mountain, cross every river and swim every lake; just don’t ask her to swim in the ocean or get on a surfboard.

And last but not least, our tiny home on wheels. Introducing…. Well, we don’t exactly have a name for it since Bruiser the Cruiser is already taken, but our trusty Toyota Landcruiser which will be taking us on this journey, without whom this trip would not be possible. Trust us, we tried it in an ambulance for the first year, and that DID NOT work out… And yes, that is Han Solo, Obi Wan, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker in the front seat. We know you’re jealous.Home1