VVanessa: Main Blogger, mother, wife, daughter. Lover of nature and most things outdoors. Willing to try just about anything. Naturally curious, spontaneous and adventurous and the main reason we embarked on this journey so early in life. Spent lots of time in school studying lots of different things (has 4 different undergraduate degrees) before deciding to become a police officer. Spent 10 years doing that before sustaining an injury that ended her career.



dscf1348Kaden: A growing teenage boy. Lover of all animals and doing anything outdoors. The world is his school and the people around him serve as his teachers. His environment has let him focus his energy on what he wants to learn and right now, he wants to be a Veterinarian, but “only for dogs” he says.


DSCF9851Bronson: Very energetic and sociable. He’ll talk your ear off. Loves to share our experiences with anyone who will listen. Adventurous after analyzing the dangers of said activity. Is responsible for the social media posts. Tinkerer of all things, naturally curious and can fix just about anything. Was a firefighter/Paramedic for 17 years before sustaining an injury that ended his career.



dscf1290Roxy: She’s old, but she’s the best dog, security and travel companion a family can have. She’s a little neurotic in her old age. She dislikes loud noises and people she doesn’t know.  She loves the outdoors and running alongside our mountain bikes. She is patient with little babies and likes to herd children to keep them together and safe. She will protect them like they are her own.

You can drop us an e-mail at 8yearsglobal@gmail.com if you want to get in contact or just have burning questions that need answers. If we have them we’ll share. If not, we might know where to find the answer. 

The most important thing to know about us is that we are present living our lives and being in the moment, so if our blog isn’t updated or our social media has been absent awhile, just know we will update you to let you know we are still alive. Get out and get busy living your life too.