Vanessa: Main Blogger, kinda old, in a youngish way. Super creative except for the creative aspect of things. Very spontaneous but will also sit down and plan a vacation for 6 months prior to leaving. What can we say, she’s complicated. According to Kaden she knows EVERYTHING and God forbid he actually ask his dad for something.

Kaden: 12 year old student of the world and in the “thinks he knows everything” stage. Loves his dog and literally all animals. Sleeps like a rock and hates doing homework. Very kind-hearted and gets along with most other kids, unless your kid’s a jerk. Then nope.

Bronson: Super old fart. Tinkerer of all things mechanical. Planner. Oh. My. GOD. such a planner, but expects that Vanessa knows EVERYTHING about said plan. Can fix nearly anything and is SUPER smart. Does most of the Social Media posts.

Roxy: 11 year old German Shepherd/Sharpei mix. The best dog and traveling companion a family could ever have. Neurotic when her people are not all together in the same room, will herd children like livestock and protect them like her own. Pretty chill until you get in the car and drive over 50mph. Then you’d think she was about to have a heart attack and die. Yep she’s got anxiety.

The most important thing to know about us is that we are present living our lives and being in the moment, so if our blog isn’t updated or our social media has been absent awhile, don’t get your panties in a bunch.